DNC Reveals ‘Vice Presidential Nominee’ Will Speak At Convention, People Immediately Notice 1 Name Missing From List Of Speakers

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The Democratic National Committee may have just jumped out ahead of Joe Biden’s vice-presidential announcement by sharing a list of speakers for next week’s Democratic convention.

The list of speakers is headlined by Biden, former President Barack Obama, and former First Lady Michelle Obama. They are joined by former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and more than a dozen other top Democrats, including Democratic lawmakers and governors.

Notably, the list includes a place holder on Wednesday for “the Vice Presidential Nominee,” without any details about who that will be.

However, the list already recognizes a number of other names that are reportedly in consideration for the vice-presidential selection. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Duckworth are all identified as speakers over the week so they likely would not be filling the allotted time for the vice presidential nominee.

Gretchen Whitmer, who withdrew her own name for consideration citing ongoing race riots, also appears on the list of speakers.

One name notably missing from the list: Obama-era national security advisor Susan Rice.

Biden said he would officially announce his vice president on Monday before members of his staff said he would announce the pick on Wednesday.


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Axios clarifies that not recognizing Rice on the list of speakers does not necessarily mean Biden is intending to choose her as his vice president.

The exclusion is speculatory and the Biden campaign will make an official announcement in the coming days:

Worth noting: It’s almost impossible to read anything into Biden’s potential vice presidential selection from this list.

  • While many potential vice presidential picks are already on the list of speakers, they could easily be moved to Wednesday night if they are Biden’s choice.

  • The list does not include two potential finalists, former national security advisor Susan Rice and California Rep. Karen Bass, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of the running.

  • The party said it will announce details and additional speakers in the coming days.


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