Democrats Leave Town Without Deal On Coronavirus Stimulus Package, Republicans Are Furious

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues are done negotiating a coronavirus stimulus package and have reportedly left Washington D.C.

The Daily Caller reports lawmakers failed to reach a deal after an initial wave of additional unemployment benefits expired in the last week of July so Trump flexed his executive authority to support the millions of Americans still employed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Over the weekend, Trump signed four executive orders that provided an additional $400 in unemployment benefits (down from $600), postponed the payroll tax, suspended evictions, and gave relief for individuals with student loans.

According to the report, the Democratic recess “comes after House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced in late July that the House would remain in session until a deal on a stimulus package is reached, but that did not happen.”

“There are now no House votes until Sept. 14, and members will have 24 hours notice to return for any votes related to coronavirus,” the Daily Caller adds.

The report adds:

Despite the short-term executive orders, lawmakers have left Washington to return to their home states without a stimulus package and have criticized Trump for signing the orders. On Sunday, Pelosi called Trump’s actions “absurdly unconstitutional.” But Republicans in Congress have defended Trump’s action of signing the executive orders and continue to put blame on Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for not reaching a deal.

Republican Senator Rick Scott’s office accused Pelosi of playing politics over a potential deal and said the senator was thankful Trump took action.

“Senator Scott appreciates that the President took action to help the American people and break the logjam of inaction since Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are refusing to compromise or negotiate in good faith. Pelosi and Schumer are just focused on the 2020 election and are demanding Congress use this crisis to enact their liberal agenda with policies that have nothing to do with the coronavirus,” the office told the Daily Caller.

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“Senator Scott wants Congress to stop laundering taxpayer money intended for coronavirus relief through inefficient federal agencies, state governments or bloated bureaucracies, and instead help the families and businesses that have been directly impacted by this crisis. It’s time the democrats come to the table to actually get something done and stop playing politics with Americans’ livelihood,” it continued.


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