Report: Kamala Harris Owes Nearly $1 Million From Her Failed Presidential Run

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Kamala Harris still owes more than $1 million from her failed presidential bid, according to a pair of reports citing her Federal Election Commission filings.

The New York Post reports Harris, who was recently announced as Joe Biden’s running mate, raised $39 million for her own presidential bid.

But, she spent $40 million—leaving her in the red.

At the end of June, the retired Harris campaign only had $116,380 in the bank and has ceased fundraising efforts.

From the report:

Harris ended her campaign last December amid falling poll numbers and a lack of fundraising.

International law firm Perkins Coie LLP was still owed $523,883 at the end of June, while TorchStone Global LLC, a corporate and private security company, was owed $160,702, the report said.

California political consulting firm SCRB Strategies had $92,4087 in outstanding invoices.

Donors have contributed slightly more than $48,000 to her campaign this year.

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It is unclear how she intends to cover her debt, but the Biden campaign has profited off her vice presidential announcement.

According to the report, the Biden campaign raised $26 million in the first 24 hours and $48 million in the first 48 hours since announcing Harris as the running mate. The Biden campaign will not be able to use these funds to cover Harris’ debt, however, as it is limited by law for how much it can donate.

“It can donate $2,000 and the Democratic National Committee can contribute $5,000,” the New York Post reports. “But Biden can ask his donors to send funds to Harris’ campaign.”



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