‘We Coming For Everything That You Motherf****rs Took From Us’: Democrat John Thompson Holds Rally Running For State House

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Democrat John Thompson is running for state House in Minnesota and asked a crowd if “we give a f**k about burning” down a town during a Black Lives Matter rally on Friday, according to Daily Caller.

The campaign has been supported by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and Minnesota’s Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL), the report adds.

Thompson attended a rally outside the home of Minneapolis Police Chief Union President, Bob Kroll in Hugo, Minnesota.

Thompson gave a speech for approximately 10 minutes, which included profanities and violent rhetoric.

“We coming. We coming for everything that you motherf***ers took from us,” Thompson said.

“We coming for them [congressional] seats, we coming for the money you owe us. This whole goddamn state burned down for 20 goddamn dollars, you think we give a f**k about burning Hugo down?” he asked.

These remarks were captured by reporters with Alpha News and Unicorn Riot.

“Y’all got the Grand Wizard living in your goddamn neighborhood,” he said. “F**k your mutherf***ing peace, white racist motherf***ers,” he said.

“Take that sign, and stick it up your a**,” he yelled at another neighborhood resident who held an American flag with a blue stripe.

“You ain’t never seen a legislator like this before,” he said.

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More from Daily Caller:

Thompson’s mention of $20 is likely a reference to the counterfeit $20 that George Floyd allegedly attempted to pass in Minneapolis, prompting the encounter with police which ultimately ended his life…

He also spoke directly to residents of Kroll’s neighborhood, who looked on at the rally from their driveways…

Thompson can also be seen yelling at a group of teenage girls in a video recorded and posted to Twitter by Alpha News…

Thompson was joined by roughly 100 other protesters at Friday’s rally outside Kroll’s home.

The protesters arrived in Kroll’s Hugo neighborhood via an organized caravan of vehicles as organizers blocked traffic, according to an Alpha News reporter.