Police Name 25-Year-Old Marquise Love as Suspect in Beating of Portland Man

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The Portland Police Bureau has identified a 25-year-old Marquise Love as a suspect in the beating of a man in Portland by rioters over the weekend, according to Breitbart News.

The PPB said in a statement:

Yesterday, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) began investigation of an assault that occurred in the downtown area where an adult male associated to a white pick-up truck was violently assaulted. Investigators positively identified the suspect as 25 year-old Marquise Love. Investigators made attempts to contact Love but could not locate him.

“PPB Investigators have been made aware of attempts by members of the public to contact Love after possible personal information was posted online. Investigators urge the public to not do this as it can be dangerous. Also, the information circulating on social media is not always accurate,” they said.

Love was allegedly seen on video brutally kicking the vircim in the head as he was already laying defeated on the ground after being violently beaten by several rioters.

Love’s alleged kick knocked the man out of consciousness.

Love’s Facebook page showed he listed himself as an “armed security guard” at Portland International Airport.

As Breitbart News reported, “In one video of the assault, Love is seen wearing a vest that said “Security” on it. In one Facebook photo, Love was wearing the same or a similar-looking vest.”

The police provided in an earlier release chronological links to videos of events leading up to the beating, posted on Twitter by journalists (WARNING GRAPHIC):

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More from Breitbart News:

The transgender woman was seen on video interacting with, and later being beaten, by the same group that allegedly beat Haner. In other videos, she is sitting on the ground begging for her belongings back. Haner appears to be in one video consoling her.

In an earlier press release, the PPB said Haner may have been trying to help her.

PPB Chief Chuck Lovell said in a statement:

The Portland Police Bureau is taking this assault and other incidents of violence extremely seriously. Our Detectives continue to investigate this assault as well as other acts of violence directed toward protestors, but we need more than just videos from social media. In order to hold individuals responsible for criminal acts, we need the public to provide information and refrain from tampering with evidence.

The beating occurred around 10:27 p.m. on Sunday, police said in an earlier statement. They said they received a call that “protesters chased a white Ford 4×4, which has crashed” at that location and “protestors drug him out of car.” Another witness called and reported that 9-10 people were “beating the guy.” Responding officers found Haner unconscious with injuries.



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