LeBron James Slams Trump Over Goodyear Boycott: ‘We Don’t Bend, Fold Or Break For Nobody’

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LeBron James slammed President Trump for his criticism of Goodyear’s choice to support employee expressions of Black Lives Matter while banning pro-police messages, according to Breitbart News.

During a press conference on Thursday, James spoke about what Goodyear means to Akron.

“We don’t bend, and we don’t break for nobody.”

“So, we’re not worried about that,” James told the media. “Not only has Goodyear been great for my city, for the history of my city, but the country and what they represented. It’s an unbelievable brand, unbelievable history. We stand strong and always unite, especially my city.

“We’ve always felt like we’ve been counted out being a small city, and that’s what rallies us even more and makes us even stronger. So, shout-out, salute to all the workers, men and women, over the course of their history and to the city of Akron,” he concluded.

The controversy was sparked after news broke that Goodyear had banned employees from showing support for the police and the president.

President Trump also noted that he is considering changing the Goodyear tires on the presidential limo to some other brand.
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After the criticism was kicked into high gear on social media, the company tried to explain itself, but only ended up reiterating that BLM and social justice support is approved for employees to display, while support for police, MAGA, or Trump is still banned.

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Perhaps the people of Akron do not “bend, fold, or break,” but LeBron James certainly does when it comes to money and free speech. In October of 2019, James blasted Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey for his tweet supporting the pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong, saying that Morey “wasn’t educated” on the issue. As the controversy unfolded, the public became “educated” about the true depth of James’ financial ties to China.

James’ criticism of Morey’s defense of pro-democracy demonstrators stands in stark contrast to his full embrace of social justice activism in the United States.


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