Must-See: Everything Trump Accomplished His First Term In One Easy-To-Read Thread

The list of everything President Trump accomplished during his first term in office is continuing to grow as he looks to recover the economic damage the coronavirus global pandemic has caused.

Despite what Americans see on mainstream media, these accomplishments are numerous.

Cuban-American director Robby Starbuck shared a particularly lengthy, easy-to-read thread about many of these accomplishments.

“I get asked sometimes by people who are on the fence or aren’t politically active, ‘What has @realDonaldTrump done or fixed as President?’ It’s a good question deserving of an in-depth answer, so here’s a thread listing some of what he’s done in 3.5 years,” he tweeted, followed by several dozen tweets.

Starbuck, who on his profile says he is “openly Republican,” said he would follow up his tweet-thread with additional information for people who sign up to his email list.

“First before we begin, I will be providing citations for every single thing listed here. Go to and sign up for the email list. You’ll be sent a PDF with all of these accomplishments and citations for each. I purposefully used a broad range of news sources,” he continued.

Check it out:

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“That’s the list. Next time a Democrat tells you they don’t know one good thing Trump has done, you’ll know they’re either uninformed or lying. He’s been a great President on policy. Some may dislike his personality but on policy he’s been an incredible POTUS. 4 more years!” he added.


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