Trump’s Approval Rating Jumps To Highest Ever On Record, Includes Support From Dems, Black Americans

President Trump is witnessing his highest ever approval rating on record as the Republican National Convention kicks off its fourth and final day.

The Washington Examiner reports the latest Zogby Analytics poll shows Trump’s approval at 52 percent.

Speaking of the new figure, pollster Jonathan Zogby said it was the president’s “best job approval rating on record.”

The poll also showed support for Trump was on the rise among minority groups, including 36 percent of black people, 37 percent of Hispanics, and 35 percent of Asians approve of the president.

The Washington Examiner reports an “intriguingly” high number of Independents and Democrats support the president. This includes 44 percent of independents and 23 percent of Democrats.

From the report:

It was the latest to show that Trump’s approval went up during the Democratic National Convention. Rasmussen Reports had it at 51% at the end of the convention.

In a shock from past election years, Joe Biden got no convention poll bounce, according to a newly released Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Pollsters have been somewhat at a loss to explain the rise of Trump’s approval ratings, considering that there has been little positive news to help his standings other than the peace deal he helped negotiate between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

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Zogby said ongoing race protests are contributing to the president’s rise in support as people overwhelmingly oppose violent protests.

“Another factor continuing to help the president’s high approval rating is a rise in crime in our nation’s biggest cities. Unlike a year ago, the president is performing well with voters in large cities. It’s highly likely he is benefiting from the uptick in violence. His law-and-order message is resonating with urban voters at the moment,” Zogby said.

“The president is also improving his job approval numbers with African Americans and millennial African Americans, which is a trend we witnessed last year. Trump has been making the case that he has done more for African American voters, by way of prison reform and previously low black unemployment, than Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, both of whom have been accused by the president for increasing incarceration among African Americans for generations on nonviolent drug charges,” the analysis added.


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