‘I’m Done With The Bullies, I Finally Get It’: Green-Haired Feminist Hillary-Supporter Announces She’s Voting For Trump 2020

Judith Rose, perhaps better known to her 44,300 TikTok followers as @judeofarc1111, has announced she is done with the Democratic Party.

In a video Rose uploaded earlier this week, she admits she voted for former President Obama in 2012 and for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016.

She did not support President Trump—but now she does.

In a TikTok video that was also uploaded to her Twitter account, Rose said she is done with the Leftist hostilities and “put logic first and emotions second” as she now supports Trump.

“I have a message for all the Democrats out there who think that voting for Biden is still a good idea, who are still bullying Trump supporters, who are canceling things for past mistakes instead of learning from them: Aren’t you tired? Isn’t being angry all the time so exhausting? Isn’t grieving all the time so draining?” she said. Text on the screen reads: “It was for me, and I had to let go of this energy and find peace.”

“I wanted to understand the other side,” she continued. “I voted for Obama. I voted for Hillary. And I’ve been pissed.”

“I hated Trump, I didn’t understand him at all,” she added. “I didn’t understand the hype. But one day I decided that I wanted to.”

“What I found has been so pleasantly surprising by like actually listening to people and not bullying them or writing them off or calling them names. I found out that many Trump supporters are actually nice—nicer than a lot of Democrats that I know.”

“I’m done fighting it,” she said, putting on one of President Trump’s red Make America Great Again campaign caps.

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“I finally started to figure out that I had misunderstood SO many things about the President. I found out that MAGA refers to giving power back to the people and exposing corruption. I had to put logic first and emotions second and give people a chance to explain. Most Trump supporters are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Congrats Dems, I got so sick of it all I’m no longer with you,” she added on the screen.

Watch her comments below:

And, on TikTok:


Listen more, talk shit less. #WaitForTheGreats #ShredWithBillAndTed #HomeCooking #democrat #walkaway #fypシ

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In a separate post, Rose celebrated her political switch and said: “If you can’t beat em join em, life is too short!”


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