‘MAGA Hulk’ Defends Trump, Says Critics Can’t Provide Any Evidence Of Alleged Racism

A group of black men defended President Trump amid claims that he is racist.

Leftist media and Democratic leaders have repeatedly peddled the claim, but an individual known as “MAGA Hulk” on Twitter claims there is no evidence to support these claims.

During an interview with Jess Weber of WZW, MAGA Hulk said he confronts people that accuse Trump of being a racist and asks them to provide evidence.

They don’t, he claims in a now-viral video because they have no evidence.

“‘Donald Trump is a racist,’ ‘Well, how is he a racist?’ Uh..uh…uh…uh…that’s it,” MAGA Hulk explained to Weber, claiming the anti-Trump crowds cannot provide examples of the alleged racism.

As BizPac Review reports, the network showed an interaction between MAGA Hulk and a group of protesters, one of which claims Trump has made racist statements.

“Like what?” MAGA Hulk responds and the critic fails to provide a single example.

“Nothing! Nothing! You got nothing,” MAGA Hulk defends. “I keep hearing you say, ‘Oh, I heard him say this, oh, I heard him say that,’ but you have no facts though.”

Cutting back to the interview with Weber, MAGA Hulk continued: “They can’t answer the question because they have no facts on their side. They have no facts, they don’t do any research, they don’t do any type of higher learning when it comes to what they believe. All they know is what the media narrative tells them to believe they parrot.”

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BizPac Review adds:

A second black man then criticizes the BLM movement, saying he believes it’s “fake.”

“I personally believe that the BLM movement is fake,” the second man says. “It has nothing to do with advancing the lives of black people.”

A third man interjects that the BLM movement wants “to break up the family home,” a reference to the movement’s anti-nuclear family platform, which is a Marxist construct.

“Like, their main goal is to break up the patriarchal, like nuclear, family,” the second man said. “They want the men removed out of the family, which is what Democrats want also.”

“If BLM really cared about black lives, why would they be solely isolated to incidents where a black life is taken at the hands of a white cop? That happens less than one percent,” the second man said.

The other man then said: “Don’t tell me I’m oppressed, because I’m not oppressed. I’m a black American, I’m a proud black American, I’m not oppressed…I’m one of the freest persons in this world.”

As BizPac Review reports, the video has been viewed millions of times.


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