Poll: Voters Think Trump Will Devastate Biden at The Debates

President Trump will triumph over Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the upcoming series of presidential debates, voters indicated in a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll.

“Trump is gonna run all over Biden,” one voter who participated in the poll said, echoing the 47 percent of voters who think Trump will win the debates.

As USA Today reports, only 41 percent of voters said they thought Biden would have a better showing.

Broken down by party, more of Trump’s voters (87 percent) thought he would win than Biden voters thought of their candidate (79 percent).

“I feel like it’s just gonna be a one-sided show,” a Trump voter and poll participant said of the upcoming contests, via the report.

USA Today adds:

The first of the three presidential debates will be held Sept. 29.

The first 2016 debate between Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton attracted 84 million viewers, the record for a presidential debate.

Large shares of voters have told Pew Research Center over the years that the debates were very or somewhat helpful in deciding who to vote for. But only 10% of those who voted in 2016 said they had definitely made up their minds “during or just after” the debates. Almost two-thirds said they had decided around the time of the conventions or even before.

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Biden leads Trump by 50%-43% nationally in a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll conducted in the days following the conventions.

Rasmussen Reports released a new poll on Friday showing Trump’s support at 52 percent — matching his pre-COVID numbers and beating that of former President Obama at the same point ahead of his re-election effort.

From the Western Journal:

Fifty-two percent of respondents said they approved of Trump’s job performance, compared to 48 percent of respondents who said the same of Obama on Sept. 4, 2012.

Trump last achieved a 52 percent approval rating in late February, just before the impact of the coronavirus led to vast lockdowns to slow the spread of the disease.

The survey showed that Trump continues to evoke a strong reaction among his supporters and opponents: 42 percent of those polled strongly approve of Trump, while 42 percent strongly disapprove.