CNN Host Rants About ‘Christian Privilege… We Demonize Muslims. We Demonize Islam’

On Tuesday evening, CNN hosts Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon ranted that anyone who supports President Trump is being played “for a sucker” and is a victim of a “con that is going on.”

As the Daily Wire reports, the hosts claimed Trump supporters could not admit to America having issues with how it treats people of different races. They also said Trump and his supporters are also looking to silence the conversation on race relations.

“They’re playing for a sucker,” Lemon claimed. “You are the mark to the con that is going on.”

“You know there’s systemic racism,” Cuomo said. “You’re going to try to say we’re imperfect, we have problems with racism. You don’t want to say it, why? Because the President won’t say it. You agree with me so you don’t sound like a fool, but won’t say the term. Because he won’t say it. That’s their weakness.”

“America has a problem with race,” Lemon echoed. “Yes! It’s in pretty much everything. Look at how the country was founded. Look at what’s happening on the streets of American cities and not just playing out in America. Look at what’s happening with monuments and statues. Look at what’s happening – look at the President and his priorities–”

The two continued their diatribe against American Christians and claimed the country favors them over other religious groups.

“So, this whole idea about there is no privilege in society for white people. That’s bulls***. There is a privilege. ‘There is no privilege for men.’ That is bull,” Lemon said. “If you are a Christian, there is a privilege in the society because we prioritize Christianity even though we’re supposed to be a country that believes in freedom of religion.”

Lemon continued: “But yet, what do we do? We demonize Muslims. We demonize Islam. We demonize anybody who is pretty much not a Christian or even if you don’t believe in religion.”

He added, via a CNN transcript:

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You no longer have the advantage or the privilege that you have once had in this society. That’s what the fear is. The fear is not Joe Biden. It’s not Kamala Harris. It is what the fear is the inevitable no matter how much they fight it. It is the inevitable. Trump may hold back what they think is going to happen for a moment. But he’s not. It’s AstoTurf. It won’t happen. This country is going to move on.

The more people who, like me and you, who will talk. The people who are in mixed interracial relationships. The more people who will overlook that BS as this country, as the world continues to grow, this is not going to be the same society where the same people have a preeminent voice. It just is what is. You’re just prolonging the inevitable.




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