Biden Claims 6,000 Military Personnel Died To COVID, The Real Number Is 7

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden stood before a small audience in Warren, Michigan, and tried to paint President Trump as inadequately handling the coronavirus pandemic.

This is not an unusual tactic for a presidential opponent, especially not Biden who has repeatedly claimed Trump was not doing enough to combat the spread of the coronavirus—though his own plan is nearly identical to Trump’s.

But, in his comments, Biden horrendously flubbed a coronavirus statistic or flat out lied about it while he piled on the president.

In his remarks, Biden claimed more than 6,000 American military service members had died to the coronavirus.

BizPac Review reports the actual number of deaths is 7.

“Biden also lied when he insisted there have been 118,984 military COVID infections. The real number is 40,026,” the report added.

Mainstream media actually had to fact-check Biden.

“Fact check: Biden way overstates the number of military deaths and cases from Covid,” CNN said in a report, adding: “This is wrong — and not just by a little.”

“Biden overstated the number of military Covid deaths by 6,107 and infections by nearly 79,000,” CNN reported.

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“There have been seven deaths in the military due to Covid-19 and 40,026 cases as of September 9, according to the Defense Department,” the report added.

BizPac Review reports: “It’s unclear where Biden got the statistics he cited. A campaign aide later claimed that Biden had recited the Michigan COVID deaths/infections, but the numbers he cited did not match the Michigan coronavirus data, either.”