Biden Can’t Make Up His Mind, Now Says He Would Have Legal Authority To Issue National Mask Mandate

Joe Biden would implement a national mask mandate to combat the spread of the coronavirus if he were president.

For those keeping track, this is now the third time Biden has made a decision about the mask mandate: after initially claiming he would order the mandate, he admitted the president did not have the constitutional authority to do so. Now, he’s back to ordering one.

As the Independent Journal Review reports, Biden claims his legal team said he would—as president—have the authority to mandate mask-wearing.

“There’s a question — I think it can be answered in the positive — a question whether I can mandate over state lines that every single state has to comply. Our legal team thinks I can do that based upon the degree to which there is a crisis in those states and how bad things are for the country,” Biden said.

“I’d make the case why it’s necessary. I’d have the scientists array — to lay out and detail why, and I would go to every governor… and I’d say, ‘We have to have this national mandate.’ We must do it. And at a minimum, what I would do, I wouldn’t walk around saying, ‘Masks don’t matter,’” he added.

Watch his comments below:

Biden’s new stance comes just a week after he said the president lacks the constitutional authority to implement such a mandate, shifting his position on the issue.

During a speech in Delaware, Biden swiped Trump and said: “No miracle is coming. The president still does not have a plan, but I do.”

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“But here’s the deal,” he continued, “the federal government — there’s a constitutional issue whether the federal government could issue such a mandate. I don’t think constitutionally they could, so I wouldn’t issue a mandate.”

Other than the mask mandate, the Federalist reports Biden’s plan to tackle the coronavirus sounds almost exactly as what Trump is already doing to combat the spread of the virus: “his coronavirus plan is virtually identical to the president’s.”

Check it out:

Its other policy planks were 2) distributing tests and 3) taking “the muzzle off our experts.” But the government has distributed tests, and the United States is still ramping up testing at a dramatic rate.


The final part of the Biden plan is to un-muzzle the experts, but disease experts have dominated the White House response from the start, with Dr. Anthony Fauci even fashioning himself into a grotesque pop culture icon. In fact, many conservatives argue disease experts have led politicians in the White House and states at a ridiculous and unstatesmanlike level.



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