Biden Asked About ‘Court Packing,’ Deflects Big Time ‘Because It Will Shift The Focus’

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden refused to answer how he would respond to President Trump and a Republican-majority Senate should they fill the vacancy left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death last week.

Democratic lawmakers have threatened all sorts of actions should Republicans vote to confirm Trump’s eventual nominee, noting “all options are on the table.”

Among these options includes having a Democratic-controlled Congress and White House vote to add additional justices to the Supreme Court or other district courts. This action, referred to as “court-packing,” would give them an opportunity to reserve the majority members on the court from conservative to liberal.

Action 2 News anchor Brittany Schmidt sat with Biden for an interview on Monday evening where she asked him whether or not he would support such an effort.

“If Trump’s supreme court pick goes through but you win the election, democrats take over Senate and maintain the House, would you consider adding more supreme court justices to the bench?” she asked via ABC 2.

Despite Biden calling the question “legitimate,” he refused to answer and deflected.

“Let me tell you why I’m not going answer that question,” he continued. “Because it will shift the focus, that’s what he wants, he never wants to talk about the issue at hand and he always tries to change the subject.”

“Let’s say I answer that question, then the whole debates gonna be about what Biden said or didn’t say, Biden said he would or wouldn’t. The discussion should be about why he is moving in a direction that’s totally inconsistent with what founders wanted,” Biden said.

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He added: “The Constitution says voters get to pick a president who gets to make the pick and the senate gets to decide. We’re in the middle of the election right now, you know people are voting now. By the time this supreme court hearing would be held, if they hold one, it’s estimated 30 to 40% of American people already have voted. It is a fundamental breach of constitutional principle. It must stay on that and it shouldn’t happen.”

This is not the first time Biden refused to answer a question on court-packing. He also has refused to answer a question on who he would nominate to the court, should the seat be left vacant and he wins the election. When Biden was directly asked about who he would nominate, he said voters did not deserve to know and they would find out if he’s elected.



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