BREAKING: U.S. Reaches 200,000 Deaths To Coronavirus Pandemic

The United States has hit the tragic milestone of 200,000 deaths to the coronavirus amid the global pandemic.

Johns Hopkins University reported the country broke the 200,000-mark on Tuesday morning, a little more than 40 days to go until the presidential election.

Axios reports the milestone is a “catastrophe of historic proportions” as it continues to average just over 800 deaths per day.

Despite the toll, cities and states across the country have continued to reopen their schools and entertainment venues in an effort to return to normalcy.

From Axios:

And deaths keep coming — we’re averaging roughly 830 per day — even as the country increasingly sees the pandemic as background noise, as live sports resume and schools reopen and interest in news about the pandemic wanes.

Between the lines: The percentage of infected people who ultimately die from the coronavirus is lower now than it was in the outbreak’s earliest months, partly because doctors have gotten better at treating the virus and partly because outbreaks are now occurring within younger and lower-risk groups.

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  • Overall cases are on a downward trajectory right now, following an enormous spike over the summer.

  • But the U.S. has never managed to get the virus firmly under control. Cases and deaths could get worse again as the weather gets colder and people move indoors, and the onset of flu season could make treatment more difficult.


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