Selena Gomez Sends Private Message to Mark Zuckerberg Decrying ‘Misinformation, Racism, and Bigotry’ on Facebook

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Megastar Selena Gomez took to social media to share a private message between herself and the big-tech founder Mark Zuckerberg, according to Breitbart News.

Her message argued that the social media giant has a “serious problem” spreading “hatred and misinformation.”

“Facebook and Instagram are being used to spread hate, misinformation, racism, and bigotry,” said Gomez, who boasts an enormous combined social media following on Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram of 270 million people.

“I am calling you both to HELP STOP THIS. Please shut down groups and users focused on spreading hate speech violence and misinformation. Our future depends on it.”

“We cannot afford to have misinformation about voting,” Gomez said.

“There has to be fact-checking and accountability. Hope to hear back from you ASAP.”

“Educating ourselves is the first step if we hope to make any progress in bringing an end to systemic racism,” the 27-year-old wrote at the time.

“Unless this is recognized, history will continue to repeat itself over and over. Everyone needs to have their voices heard and we can do that by VOTING. We will not let voter suppression stop us!’

More from Breitbart News:

Gomez has long expressed a strong interest in voting rights and is a believer in the “voter suppression” theory as a result of supposedly systematic racism. In June, she pleaded with her fans to register to vote for this year’s presidential election.

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According to the advocacy group, Stop Hate for Profit, Facebook is responsible for “inciting violence, spreading racism and hate, and contributing to electoral disinformation.” In reality, the campaign is seeking to prevent companies such as Facebook from profiting off conservative voices and the free exchange of ideas.