BLM Activist Charged With Attempted Murder After Ramming Car Through Crowd Of Trump Supporters

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A Black Lives Matter activist was arrested and charged with attempted murder after driving through a crowd of Trump supporters.

“Protests today in Yorba Linda resulted in two arrests and injuries to multiple people, with a vehicle driving into a crowd, striking and causing major injury to two people,” the Orange County Police Department tweeted on Saturday.

The department released a statement with more information on the arrest, specifically identifying the charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

“At approximately 3 p.m. after several dispersal orders, a vehicle in the parking lot of the Yorba Linda Public Library at 18181 Imperial Highway struck at least two individuals,” the statement read. “The driver, believed to be part of the Caravan for Justice, continued to leave the parking lot and was detained a short distance away from the incident. The two people struck, a man and a woman believed to be at the protest, were transported to a nearby hospital with major injuries but are expected to survive.”

“The driver, Tatiana Turner, 40, of Long Beach, was arrested,” the department added, as the Daily Wire reports. “She will be booked into the Orange County Jail for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, and the investigation is ongoing.”

The Los Angeles Times reports one of the individuals who was struck by the vehicle “suffered two broken legs and was hospitalized and one woman suffered major and moderate injuries throughout her body.”

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Dennis Breckner confirmed the political affiliation of the victims saying, “The people in the crowd that were hit were in the Trump support group.”

Video of the incident showed the back window on the car that drove through the group was smashed as it drove away. The graphic video can be viewed by clicking here.

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