Mainstream Media Slams Amy Coney Barrett For Believing Men Are ‘Head’ Of The Family

Mainstream media is going after Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett for her faith—again.

When Barrett was first nominated to her post to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in 2017, Democrats and their allies in mainstream media targetted her Catholic faith.

At the time, Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein critiqued her faith saying “the dogma lived loudly in her.”

And now they’re back—targetting basic Christian tenants and painting them as misogynistic and sexist.

From the Associated Press:

President Donald Trump’s nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court has close ties to a charismatic Christian religious group that holds men are divinely ordained as the “head” of the family and faith. Former members of the group, called People of Praise, say it teaches that wives must submit to the will of their husbands.

Federal appeals judge Amy Coney Barrett has not commented publicly about her own or her family’s involvement, and a People of Praise spokesman declined to say whether she and her husband are current members.

But Barrett, 48, grew up in New Orleans in a family deeply connected to the organization and as recently as 2017 she served as a trustee at the People of Praise-affiliated Trinity Schools Inc., according to the nonprofit organization’s tax records and other documents reviewed by The Associated Press. Only members of the group serve on the schools’ board, according to the system’s president.

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The Associated Press questions Barrett’s “affiliation with a conservative religious group that elevates the role of men” is particularly troubling for her critics as she is filling a vacancy left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a feminist icon “who spent her legal career fighting for women to have full equality.”

Barrett, like the many other judges and lawmakers who exhibit a personal faith, has maintained that she would remain impartial in any judicial position.



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