New Poll Reveals Joe Biden Lost The Debate To Trump: ‘Hispanic Voters Overwhelmingly Picked Trump’

🚨 POLL: Who do you think won the debate?

According to a new poll conducted in Miami-Dade County, Florida,by Telemundo, Hispanic voters overwhelmingly picked Trump as the winner of the debate, as Town Hall reports.

In fact, Trump crushed Biden 66/34 regarding who they think won the first duel

More from Town Hall:

Is it because he quasi-endorsed or didn’t push back as hard as he should against the far-left’s agenda during the primaries? Do they know he’s a weak sauce candidate? Or is it because his Hispanic outreach operation has been all-in-all total garbage? On the latter point, it might not be the case of bad outreach operations because the difference in preference regarding who won the first presidential debate is so large. It’s as vast as the Pacific Ocean.



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