WaPo Columnist Says Kamala Harris Is ‘Not A Great Debater’ And Tells People To Stop Blaming It On Gender

Washington Post columnist Megan McArdle said that “Kamala Harris is … not a great debater” during the vice presidential debate, according to Fox News.

“Jake Tapper is suggesting that Harris was not able to be aggressive because she’s a woman. That was … not my impression of how that debate went,” McArdle reacted.

“I wish people would stop explaining every meh debate performance by a woman as a function of gender. Yes, there are challenges, but Elizabeth Warren is a good debater! Not all women are great debaters being held back by their sex–some of us, like some men, are just bad debaters,” McArdle said.

“Mike Pence is actually a good debater–full of nonsense, but a good debater.”

“And you didn’t see him over there rolling his eyes and doing exaggerated high-school-theatrical ‘this is my disdainful face’ mugging.”

“Harris’ X chromosomes did not force her to do that,’ the Post columnist said.

“Nor did Harris’ gender force her to leave points on the table.”

“She left them on the table because she couldn’t think of a good response quick enough.”

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She concluded, “Stop grading us on a curve. We can make the grade.”

“I wonder if a woman candidate feels like she can’t push as much or steamroll as much as, say, Mike Pence can for fear of seeming and offending some segment of the electorate,” Tapper said. “I’m not saying it should be that way but I’m wondering if it is that way.”
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Washington Post columnist Megan McArdle dismissed the various gender-fueled defenses of Sen. Kamala Harris following Wednesday night’s debate against Vice President Mike Pence.

McArdle appeared underwhelmed by Harris’ debate performance, tweeting “Kamala Harris is … not a great debater” during the vice presidential showdown.

However, while watching post-debate coverage, the columnist took a swipe at CNN anchor Jake Tapper, who asked if Harris’ gender prevented her from “steamrolling” as much as Pence.