‘Senator Harris Just Called You A Liar’: GOP Sen. Defends Amy Coney Barrett From Leftist Attacks

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett faces the final day of her confirmation process on Thursday after having spent the last few days before the Senate Judiciary Committee fielding questions from its members.

While many Democratic members of the committee asked Barrett how she would act in certain hypothetical situations or challenged her conservative record, few went as far as Democratic Senator Kamala Harris.

Harris, also the Democratic vice presidential nominee, flat out accused Barrett of lying and said she would not uphold her oath to fairly interpret the law of the land or be an impartial judge.

Republican Senator John Kennedy pushed back on the accusation during the confirmation on Tuesday, using his time to defend the president’s nominee.

“Are you tired, Judge?” Kennedy asked after Barrett was forced to sit through the insulting line of questioning.

“I’m looking forward to the end of the hearing, I must admit,” she said.

As the Daily Caller reports, Barrett explained that she has taken and will take (if confirmed) an oath to “do equal justice to all, without fear of favor.”

“It says you will support and defend the Constitution, doesn’t it? Pretty serious oath, isn’t it?” Kennedy asked.

“It is,” the nominee agreed.

Kennedy then asked: “Are you going to take that oath and affirm it if you are confirmed?”

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“Yes,” Barrett responded.

“So,” Kennedy continued, “You’re not lying?”

“I am not lying,” Barrett answered, telling the senator that she takes her judicial oaths very seriously. “I would take it again. Oaths are serious to me.”

“Well, now, Senator Harris just called you a liar,” Kennedy said. “She said if you take that oath, you would be lying. That you have already made up your mind on how you will vote on some cases, particularly dealing with abortion and the Affordable Care Act. Let’s just cut to the chase. She said you are a liar. Are you a liar?”

“I am not a liar, Senator Kennedy,” Barrett defended.

The Daily Caller reports Barrett affirmed a second time that she was not a liar and that she would take and uphold an oath “in front of God and country.”

“I will mean it,” Barrett assured.

“Do you swear to God?” Kennedy pressed. Barrett again answered in the affirmative.

“You will never break that oath? No matter what your personal feelings are? No matter what your religion is?” the Republican said.

Barrett answered: “No matter what my religion is.”

Kennedy wrapped up his line of questioning with one final one about Harris and her Democratic colleagues: “So, when Senator Harris and her colleagues say you are a liar, they are wrong?”

“They are,” Barrett concluded.