Election Chairman Resigns After Caught Removing, Defacing Trump Signs

A 15-year veteran of the Georgetown County election board has resigned as its chairman after he and his wife were caught on camera removing and defacing Trump campaign signs.

As the Western Journal reports, Dean Smith announced his resignation during a Board of Voter Registration and Elections meeting on Wednesday after a deer camera caught someone removing the signs.

During the meeting, Smith read from a written statement where he described his actions as “a brief lapse in judgment on my part [that] might become a distraction [to the] conduct of this very important election. I therefore hereby resign from this board effective immediately.”

“It had been an honor and privilege to work with all of you. I’m very proud of the 15 years I’ve been involved in Georgetown County elections, and I’m sorry it has to end like this,” the 71-year-old added, without directly addressing the videotape.

“I’ve always prided myself that when I walk in that door I’m not a Republican or Democrat,” Smith said to the Coastal Observer. “I’m just an American and a Georgetown County citizen.”

The Western Journal reports Smith’s resignation comes just days after the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office announced Smith “helped his wife deface a Trump/Pence campaign sign.”

The report adds:

The sheriff’s office investigation was sparked by an anonymous photographer who installed the camera after his Trump signs kept mysteriously disappearing. Karol Anderson, chair of the county’s Republican Party, and Jerry Rovner, who chairs the 7th Congressional District GOP committee, were the ones who filed the report.

“The camera showed someone take one sign and damage another by writing ‘dump’ over Trump’s name on Oct. 4. Rovner and Anderson said they didn’t recognize the person, so they put three photos on social media via GAB News,” the Coastal Observer reported.

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Posted by GAB News on Thursday, October 8, 2020