Media Loses It After Trump Makes ‘Cash Donation’ During Church Service

The year is 2020 and mainstream media journalists are surprised that Christians give offerings and tithes during church services.

That’s the state of the media after President Trump attended a service at the International Church of Las Vegas and put what appeared to be several $20 bills into a collection plate.

NBC News described the offering as a “cash donation.”

Reuters similarly reported the money was “a handful of $20 bills.”

The Hill also shared a video of Trump giving the money.

Watch the moment below:

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President Trump attended the church service alongside Hope Hicks and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, according to the Hill.

During the service, some of its leaders prophesized over the president and claimed that he would win his re-election campaign.

CNN adds:

During the service, Trump was seated near the front of the church alongside Hope Hicks.

At one point, the pastors were speaking directly to Trump, saying he is coming for a “second wind” and a re-filling of the Holy Spirit.

“There is an army, and we will take this to the end,” one of the pastors said.

Several people responded to the mainstream media’s infatuation and oddly-worded reporting of Trump’s offering: