‘I Don’t Want To Be 20 Cent’: Rapper 50 Cent Tells People To ‘Vote For Trump’ After Reading Biden’s Tax Plan

Rapper 50 Cent took one look at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s tax plan and it was all he needed to throw his support behind his opponent, Republican President Trump.

While Biden is leading in nationwide polling, the rapper said in a Twitter post that those people who support him are out of their minds.

The rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, shared Biden’s plan online showing uncomfortably high tax rates in states like California, New Jersey, and New York.

People living in California who make more than $400,000 would be taxed more than 62 percent of their income. The figure would be the largest in the country, followed by 60 percent in New Jersey, 58 percent in New York State, and 62 percent for those living in New York City.

Jackson cheekily said he did not wish to be called “20 Cent,” a play on his rapping persona with the potential new tax rate.

President Trump shared the comment on his own page:

Faithwire reports Jackson previously supported former Republican George W. Bush and has expressed some support for Trump. He did, however, claim Trump “doesn’t like black people” in the supportive tweet.

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According to Faithwire, the dig may come as many of Trump’s accomplishments to support Black Americans are not widely known. Take a look at some below:

It’s worth noting Trump has signed into law bipartisan criminal justice reform that disproportionately impacts minority communities. His administration has also ensured funding to historically black colleges and universities as well as forgiven a $300 million debt from four HBCUs that sought federal relief loans after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. And in early October, the president unveiled what he is calling “a contract with black Americans.” Rapper Ice Cube advised the White House on the plan, which is designed to increase jobs and financial opportunities for black communities. Trump also said he is pushing for the Ku Klux Klan to be designated a domestic terrorist group and supports making Juneteenth — the day commemorating the effective end to slavery in the U.S. — a federally recognized holiday.