After NFL Goes ‘Woke’, Viewership Of Monday Night Football Crashes Roughly 15% Compared To Last Year, Report Says

Early returns are in and Monday Night Football viewership has plummetted in a continuing trend that will leave owners and sponsors worried, according to Trending Politics.

NFL ratings haven’t bombed quite as badly as the NBA, but these early returns are continuing to show that the league’s embrace of the Black Lives Matter has proven to cause issues.

Monday’s game between the Cowboys and the Cardinals was down 15 percent from last year.

Monday night game between the Cowboys and the Cardinals earned 11.32 million viewers. while that is a higher headcount that last week’s game it is still a 15% decline from last year’s game.

A Cowboy’s game normally means viewers will flock to their screens to see the game.

Commentary and Opinion from Trending Politics:

It has been under Goodell that one of America’s most recognizable and durable brands has been tarnished by politics and shilling for the Democratic party, especially in an election year that is as contentious as 2020.

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The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who led the team to three Super Bowl titles during the glory days when Bill Clinton was in the White House was just caught openly expressing an opinion widely held in the league.

Whether ratings eventually recover as the NFL de-emphasizes the focus on Black Lives Matter and the anti-American that has turned off millions of loyal fans remains to be seen but his tenure has been tainted by scandals and appeasement of the worst elements of society.

Get woke, go broke.



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