Country Music Star John Rich Opens Up To Tomi Lahren: ‘There Such A Push To Get God Out Of The Conversation’

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John Rich, a country music star spoke with Fox Nation’s “No Interruption with Tomi Lahren,” about his faith and freedom, according to Fox News.

“Why is there such a push to get God out of the conversation?”

The people that want him gone are the ones that want to be God themselves, and as long as God is still in the mix, and people like us recognize him as the ultimate authority, they can never be the ultimate authority for us.”

“Earth needs to send an SOS to God … we need him to make his presence known because that’s the only way to sort this out,” Rich told Lahren.

“There has to be a coming back to God on a large scale,” Rich noted.

Lahren agreed, adding, “We need faith. We need to vote. We need to come together.”

From Fox News:

The “Earth to God” singer tells Lahren that he wrote the hit song after thinking about how the whole world is dealing with the same problem of the coronavirus pandemic, saying that “man cannot fix man’s problems, but God can and he’s still out there.”

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Rich, the host of Fox Nation’s “The Pursuit!” also says that God is not a Democrat or Republican, but many don’t want to acknowledge that.

The Big & Rich member, who debuted “Earth to God,” at last month’s D.C. Prayer March led by evangelist Franklin Graham, says the other side wants to foster fear to gain control.