Cringeworthy: Singing Icon Cher Debuts Pro-Biden Song Called ‘Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe’

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Cher released a new song, titled “Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe,” according to Fox News.

The new lyrics are, “Right now our country’s gloomy, fear is in the air / But when Joe’s president, hope is everywhere.”

The original lyrics were, “Sometimes the cabin’s gloomy and the table’s bare / But when he kisses me it’s Christmas everywhere.”

More from Fox News:

According to Billboard, “Happiness” was released as the star’s latest single on Monday. The track, originally composed by Harold Arlen, had the same title but was conceived for the 1943 musical “Cabin in the Sky.” Based on a play by the same name, the film featured an all-Black cast and focused on a man who is given six months to redeem his soul so that he’s worthy of going to heaven.

Cher endorsed Biden in February and has been working directly with his campaign ever since. Last week, an email obtained by Fox News revealed that the 74-year-old would be traveling to Arizona and Nevada, key states in the upcoming election, to campaign on behalf of Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris.