HILARIOUS: Conservative Exposes Democratic Party With ‘The Only Campaign Ad You Need To See This Year’

Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey shared a new campaign ad set out to expose the Democratic Party.

In the brief ad, Stuckey plays the role of a “spokesperson for the Democratic Party” and shares how “her party” is set on fixing America.

“You know us as the party of love, tolerance, and compassion, but we’re much more than that,” she says as video in the background shows the race riots from the last several months.

Stuckey explains the Democratic Party “is the party of science” until science is used to defend the lives of the unborn. She also said voting for the Democratic ticket “will end hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes” (and climate change in general).

“As our nation reels from a pandemic with at least a 98 percent survival rate, we need a party that understands that riots, liquor stores, and abortion clinics are immune to the virus while churches and schools are dangerous and must be shut down,” she continues.

“It’s for your safety,” she adds.

Stuckey also points out how the Democratic Party maintains a double standard when it comes to accusations of sexual misconduct against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden.

She also says Democrats are out to “abolish the police and prison systems. At the same time, we’ll push to take away your guns and eliminate single-family housing zones.”

“It’ll be fine,” she quipped.

“Our commitment to justice also means we’ll stand by as the lives, businesses, and property of people who did nothing wrong are destroyed,” she continued.

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Watch the full video below: