‘I Feel This Sincerely’: Top Dem Says Black Trump Voters Need Prayer

Democratic Congressman James Clyburn, also the House Majority Whip and third-ranking Democrat in the chamber, told Fox News that he does not understand why people in the black community would vote for President Trump.

The idea is shocking to Clyburn, who said during an interview with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier that he would be praying for those that do.

“So, congressman, what do you think about the possibility that President Trump is doing better in the black community period?” Baier asked the senior Democrat, as the Daily Caller reports. “In our poll, the national poll, he’s up to 14%.”

“Other polls suggest that he’s gaining in the black and Hispanic communities. Aside from what you’re saying about the mail-in ballots, do you see some shift?” the host asked.

Clyburn said he did not and that he could not understand why such a thing would happen.

“I don’t know where those polls come from,” the Democrat said, pointing to a poll showing a smaller figure. “I’ve seen polls that say he’s at 8% in the African-American community.”

He continued: “And I can tell you what, and I feel this sincerely, I’m the father of three black women. I am the son of a black woman. If any black man can go in — the polling place and cast a vote for a man who referred to a black woman as a dog on national television, I’m going to have to pray for them. I will have to pray for them.”

“I don’t know of anybody,” Clyburn said, that would accept “this disrespect and insult.”

MacCallum then pointed to a high number of people voting for the very first time in pre-election polling, seeming to suggest anything can happen on Tuesday.

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“You know, in the end, we may have to have that discussion, but at this point you’ve got an overwhelmingly large number of people who have already voted,” she said.

“Huge percentages of them have never voted before, and there have been big turnout drives on both sides of the aisle,” she added.

As Fox News reports, Clyburn then definitively said the only way Democratic challenger Joe Biden would lose was “voter suppression.”

“Professional football players from my home state cannot vote because their ballots have not been delivered to them. They can’t come home to vote because they are in lockdown because of COVID-19,” he said.

“So I already know some Biden voters here in South Carolina are not going to be allowed to vote simply because the postal service has been undercut by the Postmaster-General,” he added.

MacCallum then pushed back on the claim, telling the congressman that ballots have been available for months.

“You’ve had absentee ballots available for months and also voter drop boxes where people can just walk right up and put it just right in the box,” she said.

“South Carolina has got voter drop boxes? I wish you would show them to me,” the guest retorted. “I’ve been in South Carolina for all of my 80 years. We do not have voter drop boxes. That is how lies get out.”

“Well, it is my understanding that every state has them,” MacCallum responded. “If South Carolina doesn’t, that is a big question that South Carolina should address immediately, because it is my understanding that every state has them.”

“We tried very hard to get voter drop boxes and the legislature would not approve them,” Clyburn concluded. “No, we don’t have voter drop boxes. That’s why I am saying when this campaign is over, we need to go to work and say … for federal elections, Congress and president, there must be drop boxes.”


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