Red Dawn: Pennsylvania Woman Proves You Can Start Fresh As New Trump Supporter [Opinion]

It’s time to decide. Four more years of President Trump or the election of Joe Biden. Polls show Biden leading heading into election day, but the Trump campaign seems to have all the momentum. Every vote is an important one. Pundits are pointing to specific states and certain groups that may make the difference. However, there’s a group out thre that may just tip the balance and it’s one you may have not even considered.

Leading up to the 2020 race, social media users have become quite familiar with those in the Walk Away movement. Basically, it’s former liberals or Democrats who have seen the light and are now ready to vote red. Some changed their hearts and minds a long time ago, others escaped the left just in time to support Trump in 2016, and still others have just recently made the switch. Translation: There are people out there who voted for Hillary Clinton four years ago who are about to pull the lever for Donald J. Trump. In a close contest, these rookie patriots may just make all the difference.

Becky Parfitt is a perfect example of a new Trump supporter. Like so many who jump to Trump, Parfitt hasn’t only said goodbye to the party of Gaga, but she’s going gaga over the commander-in-chief.

“To me, there’s a clear choice, once you’re presented with the truth and videos of both candidates that you can source backdating to the eighties, nineties, and two thousands,” Parfitt told Sarah Palin dot com. “After dropping out of college with a semester left in communications because I knew that media was biased and I thought about a career change, I didn’t care to be involved with politics. Working hard and making sure my bills were paid and making sure I was taken care of topped my priority list. Then, I started to look at the information my friends were posting, and watching recommended documentaries. I soon realized, everything the left paints Trump out to be or do is in fact what their party is and stands for.”

Huge observations there. First, Parfitt took the time to do her own research. That is a necessity today if you want to discover the truth. The media and alleged news outlets are nothing more than another arm of radical progressives. Secondly, this 29-year old house cleaner/server proves that you can see the real Donald Trump if you can get past all the fake news that is continuously thrown in our collective face.

Originally from Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Parfitt has lived in Pennsylvania her whole life. After growing up in Ephrata, Parfitt eventually landed in Lancaster City where she currently resides. Parfitt knows Pennsylvania very well and she is well aware that the Keystone State may very well decide the 2020 race. She hopes to be on the winning side this time around after regretfully voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“When I started to see how corrupt Hillary is, I was truly embarrassed and disgusted with choosing to vote for her. I did it largely because she was the popular candidate amongst my peers and basically my whole town,” Parfitt said.

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Many around her are still Trump haters, but this time around Parfitt is all in for Trump, no matter what others may think about that decision. “I’ve lost friends who have literally questioned my sanity and asked me to stop sharing my opinion,” said Parfitt. I’ve lost over five hundred followers on social media and my Instagram of nine or ten years just got deleted. I’ve received a lot of hate mail and threats. “Cancel Becky 2020” memes have been made about me, especially after my choice to back the blue. I’ve been called every name in the book. Bigot, bootlicker, racist, rape apologist, all because I am one of the only open Trump supporters my age in Lancaster City. I didn’t expect to be one of Donald Trump’s biggest fans or to be hated by most of my peers for my political choice, but here we are.”

So why the sudden change? Sure Trump may be the catalyst and she’s certainly done her homework but to go from liberal to an outspoken MAGA supporter is quite a metamorphosis.

“I think I rebelled against my parents and thought that liberals stood for equality and acceptance,” Parfitt said. “Plus, I was trying to be empathetic to certain choices friends made such as abortion, so I wanted people to know I cared. Unfortunately, I was standing with the wrong party which I came to realize. The pro-life subject is still tough to touch on since I could offend people who don’t get the full context of my opinion, but I’m working to stand firm in my opinions and beliefs.”

Unlike the soy boys on the left, Parfitt grew up. She figured out the diabolical ways of the Democrat party. Unlike the Portland rioters and safe space seekers, Parfitt is shining as a proud patriot.

After rebelling against her father’s political stances, Parfitt found the maturity to examine things further. “Since my dad is the most influential person in my life and he’s been explaining to me everything I’ve come to know on my own, I know he instilled good morals and roots in me,” she said. “My parents are Trump supporters and I honestly used to give them a hard time, so I know they’re happy I’m seeing the light. My father is very knowledgeable about politics, so a lot of sources I share with people that they’re only learning about now, I was able to pass along from bits and pieces of what I’ve learned growing up.”

Parfitt’s dad isn’t the only one that helped in this process. The man who she voted against four years ago has played a major role as well. “I think President Trump’s a very misjudged, misunderstood person,” Parfitt said. “You can clearly see from the many interviews he’s given when asked about running for the presidency, that he cares about our country very much. I actually admire the way he handles himself and unfortunately he has to defend himself all the time because of all of the attacks made on his character. I think he’s a great businessman and you can tell from the way his family presents themselves that he’s done a great job as a father, or we would be hearing all about any wrongs they’ve done. I think his heart is in the right place and he’s human. He is extremely relatable, so I really like him, personally.

That’s the charm of Trump. He’s the Everyman who happens to have a lot of money. Trump has a history of being a friend to the doorman and driver. Trump eats fast food, watches sports (when players are not kneeling), and loves to have fun. He won because of that realness. He just may win again, too.

Parfitt has been fighting for that victory every step of the way. She’s been extremely active on social media and in her personal interactions. She even attended a Trump rally, four years after voting for Crooked Hillary. Parfitt wears MAGA caps and shirts and she isn’t backing down. An actual strong woman. The left’s worse nightmare.

“I’m not afraid to show support because I truly believe I’m on the right side of history this time around,” said Parfitt. “The future of our country is really on the line, and I want people to know who I support, just as others can so freely endorse Sleepy Joe. A lot of people who are smart, and respect me as a person have asked me for opinions or to see what made me have a change of heart, and I’m happy when anyone is open to seeing what I’ve seen.”

President Trump has a record of keeping promises during his time in the Oval Office. He’s been a champion for life and that has not gone unnoticed by his new backer.

“I think full term abortions are murder and the laws need to be extremely reformed if it were to remain,” Parfitt said. “It’s a huge issue and it’s murder of children. Also human trafficking and pedophilia are rampant, horrific realities in America and Donald Trump has been cracking down heavily in his presidency. I’ve also finally gotten financially ahead under his administration. Health care is finally affordable because I don’t have to be fined six hundred dollars for not being able to afford ObamaCare. To think illegal immigrants are getting free health care isn’t fair and for it to be expanded on is ridiculous. Also, he’s doing a lot of good for the black community even though many people will deny the facts.”

What’s not to like? Donald Trump has taken charge and he has delivered. Voters will now choose between Trump’s American dream or Biden’s dark winter. There really is no comparison. But, will Trump be reelected?

“Hands down he wins,” Parfitt predicts. “Landslide. The left will use coronavirus as the reason they don’t get out and support Biden. The fact is, his small crowds aren’t wearing their masks, he wouldn’t be able to give three or four rallies in a day, or be able to talk for that long, ever. The numbers and responses of the people are apparent and I don’t see how Trump could lose, unless something is fixed with mail-in ballots, I know I received three. They won’t accept a peaceful transfer, so I’m just riding the red wave, waiting to see how this unfolds.”

It may have taken Becky Parfitt a little while to figure things out but now, like Trump, she is surging. Now, she is on the right side of history. Parfitt is extremely comfortable in her new mindset and the future looks bright. Like some many others who have walked away, Parfitt looks great in red.


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