‘Go Fight Real Crime, You Pathetic P****’: Ten Anti-Trump Protesters Taken Into Custody Following Savage Encounter In Manhattan

Ten people were apprehended over the weekend following a savage encounter with anti-Trump protesters in New York, according to Fox News.

The snafu occurred in Chelsea, and videos were shared to social media to reveal a slew of police officers in riot gear, dealing with protesters as their paths were blocked.

One protester could be heard screaming, “Stop! Stop pushing me!”

Another protester went off, screaming, “Go fight real crime, you f—— pathetic p——.”

More from Fox News:

About 300 anti-Trump demonstrators had gathered at Madison Square Park to confront pro-Trump caravans crisscrossing the New York region ahead of Tuesday’s presidential election, according to the paper and other reports.

The anti-Trump group marched to the West Side Highway, before dispersing after concluding the Trump caravans were likely avoiding Manhattan.

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A Trump caravan in New Jersey shut down the Garden State Parkway, the Holmdel Patch news site reported.

Video shows people waving Trump flags as one person is heard saying: “We shut it down, baby. We shut it down,” Patch reported.


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