IT’S OFFICIAL: Trump Crosses Historic Milestone, Breaks Major Obama Record

President Trump may be projected to lose the 2020 presidential election (pending recounts and major legal challenges in several states) but he just smashed a popular vote record set by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

In 2008, then-candidate Barack Obama made history by garnering a record-high 69,498,516 votes in his first attempt to win the White House.

That record now falls to third on a list of most earned by a presidential candidate, just behind Trump who, 12 years later, received a whopping 70.9 million votes and counting.

The count also pushed Trump to set records for earning the most votes by a sitting president and for becoming the first sitting president to cross the 70 million-vote milestone.

The Western Journal reports:

Obama was unable to increase that when he ran in 2012, totaling 62,615,406 when he defeated Republican candidate Mitt Romney, now a U.S. Senator from Utah, according to NBC.

After all, Trump received 62,984,828 votes to win the 2016 election, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Not only does that put Trump ahead of Obama, he also stands ahead of other Republicans in the popular vote.

Romney received about 59 million votes, according to NBC.

According to the report, former President Ronald Reagan, in his 1984 landslide victory, earned just under 54.5 million votes.

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The president took to Twitter Sunday evening to celebrate the historic figure, tweeting: “71,000,000 Legal Votes. The most EVER for a sitting President!”

While Trump crossed the historic mark, so too did his Democratic challenger Joe Biden—who is projected to win the election with just over 75 million votes. This figure makes Biden the single-highest supported presidential candidate in U.S. history.