Investigators Being Sent To Georgia County After Ballot ‘Issue’ Was Discovered

Investigators are being sent to Fulton County in Georgia after election officials located a ballot “issue” that is resulting in them having to rescan and retally their work.

As Breitbart News reports, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced the issue over the weekend in a statement without any specifics as to what it could entail.

“Fulton County has discovered an issue involving reporting from their work on Friday. Officials are at State Farm Arena to rescan their work from Friday,” Raffensperger said in a statement shared to social media. “The Secretary of State has a monitor onsite, has sent additional investigators, and dispatched the Deputy Secretary of State as well to oversee the process to make sure to thoroughly secure the vote and protect all legal votes. Observers from both political parties are there as well.”

Fulton County also released a statement on the “issue” where they clarified that “some ballots were not captured.” The statement went on to say that “a smaller number” of ballots were “not scanned.”

“Out of an abundance of caution, all provisional, military, and [Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act] ballots scanned on Friday, November 6 will be rescanned tonight,” the statement read via Breitbart. “The upload made last night will be pulled and replaced with tonight’s rescanned file.”

The Washington Examiner report Fulton County Election Director Richard Barron said the error was on the technical side of reporting the data and not the initial count, which he claims is already complete.

The report adds:

Hours earlier, Fulton County, the most populous in the state, reported that all absentee, military and overseas provisional, early votes, and Election Day votes were reflected on their website, which showed a significant lead for Biden in the Democratic stronghold.

President Trump and his allies have complained of irregularities in vote counts in several states and argue that the contest is not over with lawsuits and recounts in play. Biden was declared the winner of the presidential contest on Saturday after news outlets projected him to become the winner in Pennsylvania and Nevada, putting him over the 270 Electoral College vote threshold needed to secure the presidency.

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Biden leads Trump by a razor-thin margin in Georgia, less than 10,000 votes with 99% reported, according to the Associated Press, setting the stage for a recount. The two U.S. Senate races in the Peach State are also too close to call and appear to be headed to runoffs with control of the upper chamber at stake.