Nancy Pelosi Ignores Multiple Phone Calls Asking For Her Stance On Socialism — Refuses To Denounce It As She Seeks Another Term

Nancy Pelosi is reportedly refusing to denounce socialism while trying to obtain another term as House Speaker, according to Fox News.

Pelosi has allegedly ignored multitudes of phone calls and requests for comment about her views on socialism, and whether she opposed the ideology.

“We want to talk about funding social services, and ensuring good engagement in community policing, let’s talk about what we are for. And we need to not ever use the words ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ ever again,” Rep. Abigail Spanberger is heard saying in a leaked recording obtained by The Washington Post.

“Because while people think it doesn’t matter, it does matter. And we lost good members because of it.”

“So the whole ‘progressivism is bad’ argument just doesn’t have any compelling evidence that I’ve seen,” Ocasio-Cortez shared to Twitter.

“When it comes to ‘Defund’ & ‘Socialism’ attacks, people need to realize these are racial resentment attacks. You’re not gonna make that go away. You can make it less effective.”

From Fox News:

The subject of socialism is apparently becoming a growing concern among Democrats behind closed doors. A leaked recording from a Democratic caucus call showed Rep. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., suggesting that socialism, in addition to “defund the police” rhetoric, were to blame for several congressional defeats as their GOP opponents used the ideology as a bludgeon.

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During a recent “60 Minutes” interview just days before the election, Biden’s running mate Kamala Harris was asked if she would push a “socialist or progressive perspective” as vice president in a Biden administration.

“No,” Harris chuckled in response.