The Rock Says He Cried ‘Manly Tears’ When Biden Was Declared The Winner

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson says he cried “manly tears” when Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram, Johnson said he could not hold back his emotions “when the news broke.”

“I wanted to shoot this yesterday when the news broke, but I got a little emotional, admittedly so, I got a little emotional yesterday, manly tears of course, I may have cried a tear or two, or ten, but they were all very manly. All my tears are manly,” he said, as the Daily Wire reports.

The actor and former WWE wrestler went on to describe that his vote for Biden “represented” decency and virtue.

“My vote represented humanity. My vote represented decency,” he said. “It represented the values and the principles of which we teach our little girls. My vote also, for me, represented the importance of just being a good decent human being.”

Ahead of the election, The Rock endorsed Joe Biden and encouraged others to do the same.

In a September tweet, he described himself as “a centrist” and admitted he has backed Republicans and Democrats in the past.

“As a political independent & centrist, I’ve voted for both parties in the past,” Johnson tweeted. “In this critical presidential election, I’m endorsing Biden & [Vice Presidential candidate Kamala] Harris. Progress takes courage, humanity, empathy, strength, KINDNESS & RESPECT. We must ALL VOTE.”

Over the summer, as the country was reeling from the death of George Floyd, Johnson shared a video questioning the leadership of President Trump.

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The post read in part:

Where are you? Where is our leader at this time? At this time when our country is down on its knees, begging, pleading, hurt, angry, frustrated, in pain — begging and pleading with its arms out, just wanting to be heard, begging and pleading and praying for change. Where are you?

Where is our compassionate leader who’s going to step up to our country — who’s down on its knees — and extend a hand and say, “You stand up, stand up with me, stand up with mne because I got you. I got you. I got you, I hear, I’m listening to you. And you have my word that I’m going to do everything in my power until my dying death, my last breath, to do everything I can to create the change that is needed. Normalize equality because black lives matter.”