Nevada Poll Worker Claims She Witnessed Obvious Voter Fraud — ‘A Sworn Declaration From An Eyewitness’

During a segment on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” an anonymous Clark County poll worker came forward to allege that voter fraud was committed in the state of Nevada, according to Fox News.

The whistleblower, who only spoke on terms of anonymity, said, “As I got closer, I thought, ‘Those are ballots,’” she said. “I walked by four or five times.”

“On the next time I walked by, they were putting them in the envelopes. They were putting them in a white and pink envelope.”

She also claimed that votes were cast without providing valid identification.

Then, the worker realized that her colleagues created a “human wall” to obstruct others from seeing what was going on.

The alleged witness released a sworn affidavit, which details exactly what she witnessed.

It has also been given to the DOJ.

“A sworn declaration from an eyewitness is the literal definition of evidence,” a Trump campaign attorney said in a statement.

“Those on the left and in other quarters that have been screaming that there’s no evidence will need new talkers and most importantly, will have to now focus on the legitimate issues that have been raised.”

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More from Fox News:

The whistleblower, whose identity was hidden and whose voice was modified at her request, told host Laura Ingraham that she noticed white envelopes being passed around and ripped open near a Biden-Harris van while on a walk during her lunch break. The envelope handlers then leaned against the side of the van in order to mark the papers, which she recognized as ballots.

After the worker realized the irregularity, she claimed a “human wall” was formed to obstruct the view of anyone looking on. The worker told Ingraham that she was scared by this.

The worker asserted she did not intervene because she and the other workers were not authorized to speak with anybody outside the polling center.