Arizona Secretary Of State ‘s Old Tweets Resurface — Reveal Anti-Trump Bias

Katie Hobbs accused President Trump of “being on the side of the freaking Nazis,” reports Town Hall.

Hobbs is Arizona’s Democrat Secretary of State. She’s in charge of overseeing and certifying the presidential election results.

As of now, with 99 percent of the vote in, Biden is ahead with 49.4% and Trump has 49.1%.

Hobbs Tweeted that Trump is “more interested in pandering to his neo-Nazi base than being @POTUS for all Americans.”

More from Townhall:

Obviously, this is not necessarily a sign that Hobbs is working to keep the state of Arizona out of President Trump’s column. But one cannot, in good faith, say that it doesn’t reek of bias. If Arizona is called for Biden, many will inevitably think, whether rightly or not, that Hobbs’ personal feelings about Trump had some effect.

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As if Trump supporters needed another reason to believe that this election was possibly tainted.



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