Ridiculous: News Outlet Drops ‘President’ Refers To Trump As ‘Former Reality TV Show Host’

News outlets have not been shy the last four years showing their bias against President Trump, but they usually show him enough respect to call him the president.

But, not anymore.

In a news report published on Friday about President Trump’s son contracting coronavirus, The A.V. Club’s Patrick Gomez refers to the president as a “former reality TV show host.”

“It’s almost like someone could have predicted this,” he said in the opening line of the report.

“Donald Trump Jr. has tested positive for the coronavirus, according to multiple reports. The news of Donald Trump’s eldest son contracting COVID-19 came just hours after news broke that lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s son, Andrew Giuliani, also tested positive for the highly contagious disease,” the report continued.

It added: “We here at The A.V. Club hope for a speedy recovery for all among the more than 185,000 people in the United States who received their coronavirus diagnosis today, but we also can’t help but point out that the Trumps and Giulianis have been some of the most vocal among the political figures trying to downplay the seriousness of a pandemic that has already taken 1.34 million lives.”

Multiple sources confirmed Donald Trump Jr. contracted the coronavirus.

“News: Don Jr, the president’s son, has tested positive for coronavirus. He escaped the virus when people around him got infected, including his girlfriend Kimberly, but now has it, per multiple sources,” Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs said in a pair of tweets.

“Earlier this week @DonaldJTrumpJr tested positive for coronavirus and has been quarantining at a private location, I’m told,” she added. “He’s following all medically recommended COVID-19 guidelines, a spokesperson says.”

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Several people criticized the headline and its shameless disrespect of the president: