Donald Trump Jr. Confirms He’s COVID-19 Positive — ‘But I Still Have My Netflix, And My Guns’

“Apparently I got the ‘rona,” Trump Jr. said, “Maybe it’s a false positive, maybe not,” reports TMZ.

Trump Jr. is quarantined in upstate NY.

“There are only so many guns I can clean before I get bored.”

Trump Jr. said he’s, “totally asymptomatic.”

“I don’t have the red eyes like they claimed I had for apparently using cocaine prior to my RNC speech. That is the world of the Internet. God knows I troll, and do my fair share of it, so I guess it comes back to me, in time, as well. That’s the game.'”

More from TMZ:

Donald Trump Jr. is occupying his time with 2 things while he nurses his coronavirus — Netflix and guns.

Trump Jr. has shunned masks like his dad. As everyone knows, the President, First Lady, son Barron, have all tested positive, along with Trump Jr.’s GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

It’s interesting … the President has been downplaying the virus and saying the whole thing is overblown, yet much of his immediate family has been hit, and he may not have made it without the help of a dozen doctors and experimental therapies that were not available to the public.

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