Football President In Haiti Gets Banned Following Alleged Sexual Abuse To Minors

Yves Jean-Bart, the president of the Haiti Football Association, is banned for life because he is guilty of sexually abusing female players, some of them are minors, according to TMZ.

Jean Bart owes a $1 million fine.

Jean-Bart “abused his position and sexually harassed and abused various female players, including minors, in violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics.”

FIFA is investigating Jean-Bart and other officials based on the allegations of “systematic sexual abuse against female football players between 2014 and 2020.”

Female athletes were pressed to have sex with Jean-Bart to keep good standing with the Haiti Football Association.

Many female athletes have spoken up regarding the allegations.

Jean-Bart denies all allegations.

“I would not encourage such practices in Haitian football, much less in the centre which is under my responsibility.”

“If there were such cases, I would encourage the victims to file a complaint with the federation and the judicial authorities of the country. We are ready, at the level of the federation, to support them.”

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Jean-Bart has been “cleared of any wrongdoing.”

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A rep for Jean-Bart says he plans to appeal the FIFA punishment … so, this ain’t over yet.