New York Gym Owner Says ‘We Will Not Comply’ — Rips Up $15,000 Coronavirus Lockdown Fine

Robby Dinero, U.S. military veteran and gym owner, ripped up a $15,000 lockdown fine from the Erie County Health Department, according to The Daily Wire.

Dinero owns Orchard Park’s Athletes Unleashed gym and he received a huge fine for hosting an after-hours protest in his gym with other business owners.

Dinero said that lockdown edicts have gone too far.

Dinero pointed out that Americans have the right to work and noted that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mark C. Poloncarz are bringing in $225,000 and $103,000 salaries via taxpayers.

Dinero took the $15,000 fine and ripped it up.

“We will not comply” supporters chanted.

“Poloncarz’s Health Dept fined Marine, war veteran & business owner Robby Dinero $15,000. Kicked them out of his gym. Video went viral. Sparked the resistance against tyrannical politicians. Please share our GoFundMe. Help him fight against this $15K fine.”

“Tim Walton attended the meeting that began at around 7pm Friday and tells WBEN there were more than 100 people attending the meeting inside the gym. In a press release and blog post, Walton says the Erie County Sheriff’s Department and Health Department entered the facility and confronted the gathering, telling them they were in violation of the limit to mass gatherings of no more than ten.”

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More from The Daily Wire:

Dinero challenged the New York officials to look their constituents’ children in the eyes and tell them their parents’ work is not “essential.”

Before signing off with Smith, the businessman took the $15,000 fine and ripped it up, as supporters gathered behind him chanted “We will not comply” and waved American flags.

Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw posted a link to a GoFundMe account for Dinero to Twitter on Tuesday.

The GoFundMe reads as follows:

Local business owner, Marine and war veteran Robby Dinero started the resistance against the government and police arbitrarily shutting down businesses because of COVID. Video of this proud patriot kicking out health inspectors from his gym went viral. Power hungry politicians punched back, fining this veteran and small business owner $15,000 for defiantly standing up to tyrannical COVID shut downs that are more about power and control than your health. We can help Robby fight back. An attack on one is an attack on all. Let’s raise enough to cover the cost of his ridiculous fine orchestrated by an over-zealous Health Department controlled by Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.