Jeffrey Epstein’s Communication With NYC Socialite’s Childen — Prosecutors Demand Records

Prosecutors in the United States Virgin Islands are now demanding access to alleged dialogue between Epstein and the minors he held a “close relationship” with, according to The Daily Wire.

Prosecutors believe Epstein had a relationship with a 12-year-old girl.

The U.S. Virgin Islands is home to many of Epstein’s assets.

The U.S. Virgin Islands is moving to seize these assets over allegations of racketeering, sex trafficking, child endangerment and abuse, and forced labor, and is currently tracing Epstein’s relationships.

They are also trying to piece together traces of evidence of Epstein’s global sex trafficking operation.

“The Attorney General for the US Virgin Islands, where Epstein had a home, has demanded logs for his four helicopters and three planes, from 1998 to his suicide last year. Denise George has filed a lawsuit against Epstein’s estate, alleging 22 counts, including aggravated rape, child abuse and neglect, human trafficking, forced labour and prostitution.”

“A subpoena seeks ‘all documents and communications related to any of your three children, Maye, Celina or Jordan, which also relate in any way to Jeffrey Epstein or any Epstein entity,’” Fox News reports, quoting the document. “Epstein, who hanged himself in a Manhattan lockup last year, had openly declared his plans to marry Celina Dubin, sources told Business Insider last year. Epstein and Celina developed ‘an especially close relationship’ when Celina was 12 and it continued into adulthood, according to the Palm Beach Post.”

“Dubin and his wife, who dated Epstein for 11 years, have vigorously denied any knowledge of Epstein’s wrongdoing.”

Maxwell is currently in jail in New York and has been charged as a co-conspirator in Epstein’s sex trafficking operation.

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More from The Daily Wire:

But prosecutors in the U.S. Virgin Islands are also looking to piece together evidence of Epstein’s global sex trafficking operation. Back in September, as The Daily Wire reported, lawyers filed a similar demand for flight logs from several of Epstein’s private jets, sending many of the billionaire’s former friends scrambling.

The new filing seeks information about Epstein’s relationship with fellow NYC socialite Glenn Dubin and his three children, Maye, Celina, and Jordan, and whether any of the three are connected to Epstein’s enterprises.

Although the pair are alleged to have had regular communication, the Palm Beach Post notes that lawyers do not, at least for now, believe Epstein and Celina had a romantic relationship. Instead, they believe Epstein may have wanted to arrange a marriage with Celina to pass along his estate after he died and avoid certain taxes — and, potentially, avoid the government seizing control of assets.

Epstein is, of course, alleged to have had romantic relationships with minor women, and American prosecutors believe that his longtime friend, Ghislaine Maxwell — alleged to be the operations manager behind his global sex trafficking ring — helped to identify, groom, and manage a network of dozens of young women who served as Epstein’s private harem.