Trump Says He Will Vacate The White House If Electoral College Votes Biden — ‘Certainly I Will’

President Trump said he’ll leave the White House if the Electoral College declares Joe Biden the winner, according to The Daily Caller.

Trump was asked if he would leave the White House.

“Certainly I will. And you know that.”

Trump said a Biden win would be a mistake and insists that voter fraud was rampant.

Trump said, “This election was a fraud.”

More from Daily Caller:

Trump tweeted Thursday that Pennsylvania’s voting tallies were “a total FRAUD.” The commonwealth formally certified its election results in favor of Biden on Tuesday, according to CNN.

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Biden leads Trump 306 electoral college votes to 232 in a New York Times election map, and numerous news outlets have called the election in the Democrat’s favor.

Trump directed the General Services Administration on Monday to contact Biden’s team and allow them access to government material in preparation for a transition, according to the Hill.