Stars Push Fans To ‘Wear A Friggin’ Mask’ In Coronavirus Safety Billboard

Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi and Jon Stewart have teamed together in efforts to urge people to “Wear a friggin’ mask.” according to Fox News.

“Teamed up with some fellow New Jerseyans to encourage everyone this holiday season to wear a friggen’ mask. Let’s all come together and #MaskUpNJ so we can get back to what we do best — singing along and dancing together.”

In News Jersey, an additional 4,073 COVID-19 cases and 50 deaths had been reported as of Wednesday.

More from Fox News:

Each billboard reads, “Wear a friggin’ mask!” The large signage is a joint creation by the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund and the New Jersey Department of Health, the outlet said.

The three celebrities joined forces over the weekend to participate in the photo shoot, which shows them standing feet apart while donning masks.

The three stars also participated in a televised charity special titled “Jersey for Jersey” in April.

The state’s Pandemic Relief Fund was spearheaded by Gov. Phil Murphy and his wife, Tammy Murphy.

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The outlet notes that 30 billboards featuring the three celebrities are now up around the state.