‘Historically Strange’: Data Scientist Finds Voter Registration Errors In NV Jumped 3,485%

A data scientist has noticed a “historically strange” spike in the number of voter registrations in the state of Nevada.

Without specifically claiming foul play or nefarious activity, data expert Dorothy Morgan claimed in an affidavit that the state saw a sizeable spike in the number of voter registrations, many of which were incomplete or included incorrect designations for the voters’ home addresses.

In 2016 (the last presidential election), there were 68 voter registrations in the Third Congressional District of Nevada which contained errors.

In 2020, the number of incorrect registrations jumped to 13,372.

These incorrections include invalid birthdates, unknown sex, or incorrect home addresses.

The sizeable jump includes a 3,485% jump from the 373 incorrect registrations from 2019 (the year before the presidential election).

“This investigation found over 13K voters whose voter registration information revealed no sex or date of birth,” Morgan wrote in her affidavit, as the Washington Examiner reports. “Not only does this mean we cannot verify whether these voters are old enough to vote, it is also historically strange: While one does not expect voter registration information to be perfect, it is very strange that there were very, very few of these kinds of imperfect records with missing or invalid information until this year – when there are 13,372 of them.”

She said she also found instances where voters listed casinos as their home addresses.

“I have also identified dozens of voters who listed as their home or mailing addresses a temporary RV park and casino,” she wrote.

In a follow-up interview on Thursday, Morgan described the findings as “weird” and said: “So what I found was that there are just a lot of people who have zero birthdays, zero birth month, and then unknown sex.”

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She said the figure does not at all compare to the data from previous years.

“I saw is that you have a handful of people and then all of a sudden you have 13,000 people making that error in 2020, and that’s just, that’s not right.”

The report adds:

In her affidavit, which has been forwarded to Trump’s team, Morgan said that her findings were just scratching the surface.

“Based on the results I have found in the limited time I have had to analyze this dataset, I expect to find additional oddities in the election data as I conduct further analysis,” she wrote.