Despite Threats From The Left, Trump-Loving Drag Queen Keeps Fighting For America

Largely due to the appeal of Donald Trump, Americans have been walking away from the Democrat party in droves. Blacks, Hispanics, women, Jews, gays, college students, atheists, you name it…people are dumping liberalism like never before. Still, some departures from the left come as a big surprise to many. Case in point, Lady Maga USA.

Lady Maga USA is just your everyday Trump-supporting drag queen from Utah. You read that right. A drag queen from a state filled with Mormons is all aboard the Trump Train. Being that much of a revolutionary, comes at a cost.

“The leftist radicals found my family and regularly threaten me in Utah,” Lady Maga USA told Sarah Palin dot com. “I’ve also been reported at my customer service job and I’m afraid that if I put my real name out there they’ll actually fire me.”

Think about this. An American is worried about losing a job not because of being a drag queen but for supporting the President of the United States. That’s the tolerant left in 2020.

“A lady never reveals her age,” said Lady Maga USA. “Let’s just say I’m a 90s kid. I try and keep my personal details out of the public eye. I have screenshots of the threats I’ve received in Utah.”

Scary stuff. But, Lady Maga USA perseveres.

“I am a suicide survivor,” Lady Maga USA said. “January 1st, 2016, I woke up in the ICU and realized I needed to make some changes in my life. While I was hospitalized, it occurred to me that reviving myself through the performing arts was the key. That’s when I discovered the artistry of drag.”

The new endeavor began in Boston where the soon-to-be Lady Maga USA lived at the time. “I became a successful performer and was paid for my performances,” Maga said.
“I needed a creative outlet to bring me joy, keep me busy, give me challenges, and perform. I grew up performing since I was a tiny tot. Singing groups, dance classes, dance recitals, theater and the like.”

Boston is one thing. Utah? Quite another. “I moved back to Utah where I landed a gig in the state’s number one drag show,” Maga said. “I was a professional Britney Spears and Disney Princess impersonator. It was a great time. But I never fit in with mainstream drag. I grew up Mormon, and I was taught to be uplifting and classy, not vulgar and over-sexualized. Mainstream drag is vulgar and explicit. I always felt like the odd man out, but I loved performing.”

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Lady Maga USA actually became a staunch Trump supporter after hearing the constant shots that people took at the commander-in-chief at drag events. That, coupled with the ever annoying culture war our country faces, pointed this Utah drag queen sharply to the right.

“Drag shows often involve explicit and vulgar humor,” Maga said. “At almost every show I did in Utah, the host would insult our President. They’d also insult the Mormons, people I love very much because much of my family is still Mormon. I’m not, but culturally I still am.”

Being a pro-Trump drag queen isn’t the easiest cross to bear.

“At one of my last shows in Utah, I went up to the dressing room and on the wall there was a huge sign that said, ‘F*ck Trump’,” Maga said. “I realized in that moment that I was back in the closet. I knew that if I wore my MAGA hat to rehearsals or openly supported our President, I’d be kicked out. Watching the radical left take over our country, I realized I could no longer stay silent. I had to join the movement. I considered simply joining as myself, but I knew that if I did it in drag, I’d really defy the leftist narrative and make a difference.”

Donald Trump massively changed the political landscape when he came down that New York escalator in June of 2016. Almost three years to the day, in May of 2019, Lady Maga USA arrived on the scene, another YUGE event for the MAGA movement.

“Coming out of the closet as a gay Mormon was rough, but coming out as a Trump-supporting drag queen was literally 100 times harder, Lady Maga USA said. “I was attacked, mocked, insulted, and the leftist mob in Utah cancelled my pro-Trump events in Utah twice. I still receive constant mockery and insults from ‘the drag community’. But I don’t miss it at all. My MAGA family is twice as loving, tolerant and enriching.”

So why Trump? Why does a billionaire populist from New York appeal to a drag queen in the Beehive State? Pretty much for some of the same reasons he appeals to so many of us.

“I love my President Donald Trump because he’s not a politician,” Maga said. “He says it like it is, and puts America first. He’s the greatest president of the last 100 years because he revived a love of country in the American people. He doesn’t manipulate me with victim narratives like the Democrats. The left tells me that the world is against me. Donald Trump tells me I’m an American and I can do anything.”

But isn’t Trump anti-LGBTQ? He must be anti-drag queen, right? That’s the narrative from the media. Just like in so many instances, they’re wrong again.

“What most people don’t realize is that Donald Trump is the most pro-gay president in American history,” Maga said. “He entered office with a long history of embracing gay people. At the United Nations, he looked into the eyes of barbaric leaders who kill, torture, castrate, and imprison people like me, and condemned their actions. His gay Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, led a global campaign to stop the killing and criminalization of gays across the globe. He also appointed Grenell to his cabinet, the first openly gay DNI and cabinet member in American history. Of course, the left completely ignores this. I was recently in Nashville with gay conservative leaders. There were twelve of us in the room and President Trump called us to thank us for our efforts. President Trump sees LBGT people as Americans, plain and simple. He doesn’t seek to divide us.”

Liberals however continue to divide.

“Leftists cannot stand me,” Maga said. “They mock me, threaten me, berate me, report me, and insult me every day. They view me as a traitor to the LGBT community. That does not bother me, because I’m not a member of any community, I’m an independent American and my individualism trumps any collective mindset.”

Sometimes the hate comes through words, while other times, things get physical. “I was attacked by ANTIFA in San Francisco,” said Maga. “They ripped off my hat and punched me in the stomach. They screamed in my face with hysterical hatred. Recently, at a rally in Utah, someone in a car screamed ‘Fu*k Trump!’ and threw spit water all over me.”

The tolerant left at its finest.

But while the wokest of the woke rage on, Lady Maga USA has made some lifelong friends.

“Conservatives are amazing to me,” Maga said. “I’ve attended dozens and dozens of rallies across America, including two Trump rallies. I can’t go 30 seconds without someone giving me a high five, a hug, or asking for a photo with me. Modern conservatives, especially in the MAGA movement, are diverse, accepting, and ready to unite as Americans. I have a new MAGA family with friends all across the nation. Many of them are devoutly religious people who may disagree with homosexuality and even drag, but they know I’m a patriot and I’m fighting to save our country. There are a few naysayers on the Conservative side, but they’re mostly online trolls. Sometimes I wonder if they’re leftists posing as Conservatives. Trump supporters are my people. We’re a fun bunch and we unite in love of our great nation, plain and simple.”

After all the hard work, Trump supporters are still holding out hope for four more MAGA years. If you ask Lady Maga USA though, there’s so much winning each and every day.

“Trump already won,” said Maga. “If the Democrats succeed in stealing the election, we’ll deal with that. But the overwhelming evidence of fraud cannot be ignored. The inconsistencies and deceit surrounding this election are openly obvious. I hope and pray that Trump will expose what happened, and help us clean up our election process. What a shame that in 2020 our elections are worse than sh*thole countries around the globe. Unbelievable.”

Lady Maga USA is all over social media. Liberal heads explode on a daily basis with every tweet, post, and picture from this unique patriot. There’s even a weekly Lady Maga USA podcast and an original song called ‘Happy Today’. “It’s about the magic of the MAGA movement,” Maga said. “It’s meant to uplift and inspire.”

All that effort, fuels President Trump and his loyal supporters.

When tragedy struck, it was Trump lovers that comforted Lady Maga USA. “My mom died this past year, Maga said. “It was devastating, but God has put incredible patriots on my path who have ‘adopted’ me as their own. For example, there’s a woman named Randi who I met at a rally in Utah. She’s a devout Mormon in her 70s. When she found out my mom died, she told me ‘I’m your mama now.’ Since that day, she and her family have been there for me. When I was sick, they brought me food. They had me in their home for Thanksgiving. They’ve helped me with my video projects. In my phone, I have dozens of patriots who I could call anytime and they’d be there for me. The MAGA magic is real. And many of my Patriot friends come from a completely different world view. But they believe in my freedom to be me, and I respect their religious beliefs. Tolerance must go both ways. The leftists always preach tolerance, but they’re the most hateful of all. My MAGA family, especially my Mormon Trump supporters in Utah, have been the most beautiful and generous people I’ve ever known in my life. I lost every LGBT friend I had in Utah, and that was hard, but the family I’ve gained is more powerful and supportive than they ever were.”

When it comes to the art of drag, Lady Maga USA believes it is a business for adults. Recently there’s been a heavy push to have drag queens read to young children at libraries across the country. After story time, kids are often encouraged to climb all over the drag queens. Lady Maga USA vetoes that practice.

“I have to compare this to black people and vulgar, explicit hip hop music,” Maga said. “A respectable and honorable black man must watch the filthy rap music videos and think, ‘Is this what people will think I am?’. That’s how I feel about drag queen story hour. They’re teaching kids to twerk, stripping, letting them climb on them inappropriately…and what’s most dangerous—pushing a transgender agenda. The shock and horror of watching drag queens being inappropriate in libraries is gut-wrenching. Why do drag queens have to be filthy and vulgar? Why would they seek to do adults-only entertainment in public libraries? It’s because they’re part of a larger nefarious agenda to confuse and manipulate kids and destroy traditional family values.”

In short, it’s time to make drag great again.

“Drag used to be silly, fun, over-the-top, and theatrical,” Maga said. RuPaul in the 90s was fun. In the 2010s it started becoming more and more filthy. Drag queens, instead of looking glamorous and fun, started looking like evil prostitutes. And they began pushing transgenderism on kids. That’s one of the reasons I walked away from them. I believe that injecting hormones or surgeries on kids younger than 18 is straight-up child abuse.
The left has ruined drag much like they’ve ruined the news and the NFL. They infiltrated their agenda into the culture of drag, and now almost every drag queen is pushing transgenderism on kids and Black Lives Matter extremism. I know there are closeted famous conservative drag queens, but they’d lose everything if they came out as Trump supporters.”

Unlike the Doug Duceys and Brian Kemps of the world, this drag queen isn’t afraid to speak up, no matter the repercussions.

“I’m an independent artist and I do not consider myself part of the drag community,” Maga said. “My artistry is meant to be fun, glamorous, uplifting, silly, and joyful. My outfits evoke emotions of happiness and imagination. I don’t have an agenda, I just love the theatricality of it all. And I know that nothing makes the leftists more angry than a drag queen for Trump. And things like drag queen story hour—stripping in front of kids, and teaching them to twerk are unacceptable and offensive to me. I want nothing to do with it. For me, drag is theater, plain and simple. I am a man, and perfectly happy as a man, but it’s so fun to embrace personas that are very different from me. It’s a challenge I love. I am not transgender. I simply love to dress up in beautiful clothing and wigs and make people smile.”

As far as Trump being anti-LGBTQ?

“Fake news, entirely,” Maga insisted. “Also, I don’t even use the term LGBT or LGBTQ to describe myself. Nobody is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and ‘queer’, whatever the hell that means. The LGBTQ community is trying to erase gay men’s identity. We’re attacked for being ‘white cis-gender men’ with ‘male privilege’ who have dominated the movement for too long. The reality is they owe everything to us. It’s OK to just be gay and nothing more. I reclaim my good old-fashioned identity as a gay man. The LGBTQ radicals deliberately add more letters to the ever-growing alphabet so they can recruit more people into their victim narrative. Vulnerable youth are manipulated into thinking that they’re ‘gender queer’ or whatever their terms are, and thus join the ‘community’ to have a place to belong.”

As usual the left never stops trying to fundamentally change America, no matter what.

“The gay issue was over in the USA,” Maga said. “We had everything we needed. We were no longer ostracized, attacked, or persecuted. That’s why the leftists latched on to a new victim narrative—Transgenderism. By creating a new ‘victim’ group they get funding. Organizations like the Human Rights Campaign are all about money. And they can’t pay their high salaries without a group of victims to defend. That’s what this is all about. They need a perpetual victim narrative in order to get funding. What’s next in their alphabet nonsense? I shudder to think.”

In the meantime, Lady Maga USA will continue to support Trump and help anyone that needs it.

“A mother messaged me and was desperately upset because her son announced that he was ‘transgender’. I gave her my phone number and spoke with her and her son. I explained to this kid that he is not in the wrong body. If he likes ‘feminine’ things, it does not mean that he’s in the wrong body. There are two genders and five-million different personalities. Just because you like stuff that’s culturally for the opposite gender does not mean your God-given biology was a mistake. I was able to convince that kid to not mutilate and destroy his body. That was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve had as Lady Maga USA. Just because a kid, like I was, likes Barbies or wants to wear a dress at home doesn’t mean he’s in the wrong body.”

Another Trump supporter who believes in science.

Along with science, Lady Maga USA believes in American exceptionalism. Lady Maga USA believes in President Trump and vows to fight for what is right.

The fight for free and fair elections roars on. The fight for President Trump continues as well. Along with other brave Americans, Lady Maga USA is right on the front lines, ready to stand up for our America the beautiful. Like the Trump Train, Lady Maga USA keeps chugging along. No liberal is going to drag this patriot down.


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