VIDEO: PolySci Professor Perfectly Parodies ‘Every Democrat Who Holds Public Office’

For the average American, the coronavirus pandemic has been difficult to navigate.

More than 30 million Americans lost their jobs.

Many were left without any income or savings of any kind.

Many were left scrambling to pay for their mortgages, food, and expenses.

Many were facing eviction scares and impossible-to-pay bills, causing severe depressions.

Meanwhile, the government has been mandating these struggling citizens wear personal protective masks, remain in their homes, skip holiday traditions, skip seeing members of their family, and quarantine for weeks should they be experiencing any symptoms.

Despite testing negative for the coronavirus and following health guidelines, many Americans were forced to close their businesses—some permanently so.

If ALL of this was not enough, lawmakers in Washington, governors in their mansions, and elitists in Hollywood were lecturing Americans to comply with the governmental orders while creating exemptions for themselves, their families, and their own friends.

Day after day of the coronavirus pandemic, these lawmakers would lecture Americans to do their part—while ignoring their advice and restrictions.


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Political Science professor Eddie Zipperer captured this notion in a video with a message “from every Democrat who holds public office.”

Check out the parody take below:

Sounds about right? Many people online thought so too, Twitchy reports.