Maxine Waters Gets Exposed By FEC Records — Campaign Paid Her Daughter $240G Over 2019-20 Election Cycle

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Maxine Waters reelection has been great for Karen Waters, according to Fox News.

Karen Waters got $240,000 from Maxine Water’s campaign, according to the Federal Election Commission.

This figure reflects similarities to what Karen Waters received in 2018.

In 2004 the Los Angeles Times reported that various Waters family members had pocketed a total of more than $1 million over eight years from businesses and campaigns.

“They do their business and I do mine. We are not bad people.”

On the FEC website records show that more than $28,000 in payouts to Karen Waters. November 6 and 17 show $212,000 in payments to the daughter.

The reason for the payments is not clarified.

More from Fox News:

Payments to other recipients that appear on the same newly submitted document suggest fees for event staging, package delivery, campaign consulting, telecom service and media advertising.

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The document lists a “Total Disbursement Amount (Non-Memo)” of $480,275.72 and a “Total Disbursement Amount (Memo)” of $30,006.05.

The FEC’s listing of previously disclosed payments to the daughter for the most recent election cycle shows Karen Waters to be highest paid of the 10 recipients on the page.

The $212,654.73 paid to Karen Waters is broken down into 26 separate entries, most of them for “Slate Mailer Management” fees but a few others for “office expenses” and “canvassing.” The dates range from March 2019 to September 2020.

The elder Waters, who heads the House Financial Services Committee, has long attracted scrutiny of her campaign finances at least in part because of her daughter’s involvement in her reelection efforts, Fox News has previously reported.

Waters, who represents California’s 43rd Congressional District in the Los Angeles area, has served in Congress since 1991 and previously served in the California State Assembly.