Opinion: Fight Like A Girl! Michigan Mom Exposes Election Night Hijinks

Back in 2011, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin chided a weak Republican party saying: “What we need is for you to stand up, GOP, and fight. GOP leaders need to learn how to fight like a girl.” Those words ring just as true today. Perhaps, more than ever.

While President Trump continues to fight to expose what clearly was a compromised election, many GOP leaders are doing what they do best, hiding. Weak governors like Doug Ducey (R-AZ) and Brian Kemp (R-GA) have sat on their hands while their respective states rushed to certify sketchy election results. Ducey and Kemp sure needed Trump for his endorsement, rallies, and fundraising but now they aren’t willing to fight for the President or the integrity of our election system. The list of spineless Republicans is a long one. From Toomey in Pennsylvania to Romney in Utah, the men of the GOP are as squishy as ever. But, while elected Republican men are failing to do their jobs, there are regular Americans who are standing up for what’s right, even when they have so much at stake.

This week in Michigan, one of the states contested by President Trump, Melissa Carone came forward as a witness to fraud. Carone, a mom of small children, was contracted to work for Dominion Voting Systems to assist with IT on Election Night in Detroit. Carone testified that she saw the same ballots being counted upwards of ten times. She claimed she saw this happened thousands of times.

The anecdotal evidence from Carone is very similar to what we are hearing from many people across multiple states. We’d hear even more if it weren’t for today’s tolerant left. So many poll workers and others are scared to come forward because of what may happen to them or their loved ones if they do. Since Election Day, we’ve heard about all sorts of threats levied at people, from physical harm to the exposing of personal information. Even the diabolical tactic of threatening harm toward pets has been used. Sick stuff.

But, Carone didn’t back down. “I know what I saw,” Carone confidently told State Representative Steven Johnson (R). “And I signed something saying if I’m wrong, I can go to prison. Did you?” Johnson was no match for this mama grizzly. Like the national milquetoasts, he played politics while Carone spoke from the heart.

As a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, which supplied the voting technology on Election Night across the country, Carone has sworn she saw plenty of shenanigans. All of it aimed to rig the election for Joe Biden. Trump and his team continue to insist the 2020 presidential contest was a stolen election. Carone is living, breathing evidence.

Carone said she worked a non-stop, 24-hour shift on Election Day at the Detroit vote-counting facility. While at the TCF Center, Carone provided IT support for Dominion voting machines. In an affidavit last month, Carone claimed she saw ballots being illegally scanned multiple times. She also touched on a fleet of vans that were meant to bring in meals for election workers, but were actually hiding tens of thousands of ballots instead. While speaking in front of officials this week, Carone reiterated all of those claims.

“We’re not seeing the poll book off by 30,000 votes, that’s not the case,” Johnson said.

Carone shot back.

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“What did you guys do, take it and do something crazy to it?” Carone asked. ” It’s wildly off, and dead people voted, and illegals voted, and so that’s my answer.”

After her testimony, you can guess what happened next. Carone received the Palin-Trump treatment on social media. Keyboard warriors called her vile names. They said she was dumb. they even accused her of being drunk or on drugs. You know, the tolerant left again.

“My life has been completely destroyed because of this,” Carone said during her testimony.

These weird, visceral attacks are par for the course from the deranged left, but they are also very telling. To be this crazed over a private citizen who is simply telling her story to try to get to the truth, Biden and friends must be sweating. How many more Melissa Carones could there be? Will they speak out too? Will people finally see the truth? Will Trump get four more years? Democrats are nervous. Someone like Carone could blow up their whole plan.

President Trump often tells Americans that it’s not really him who the progressive activists are after but it’s the American people and the American way of life that they are trying to destroy. In this case, it’s not really Miss Carone they’re against per se, but they are so focused on trying to illegally push Biden over the finish line, that in their warped minds, no one can stand in their way. They are justified they think. They have attempted to destroy Trump, Palin, and so many others, They won’t think twice about attacking a young mom.

The good news is Carone didn’t back down. Unlike Paul Ryan, the Bush clan, Fox News, and every phony pundit on TV, Carone came out and fought like a girl. Her country is at stake after all.

2020 has been crazy. We’ve endured months of cowardice from high profile RINO pols like Jeff Flake, John Kasich, Ben Sasse, and the freak parade that is The Lincoln Project. We’ve been held captive by kooky governors named Cuomo, Murphy, Wolf, Whitmer, and Newsom. Through it all, so-called Republicans have kowtowed and capitulated. Perhaps it’s apropos that we close out the year with a lesson in toughness from a Michigan mama grizzly. GOP soy boys should take notes.
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